So, what’s there for farmers?

Please look at ASHA’s reaction on the budget here:

Sharing more details on what is contained in the Agriculture Budget in this Budget 2014-15. (All Statements of Budget Estimates is the document which will give you ministry-wise, department-wise, scheme-wise breakup).

Of the total budget expenditure (plan and non-plan, at 17.95 lakh crores approximately), agriculture at Rs.31062 crores constitutes 1.73%.

In 2013-14, this was 1.79% and in 2012-13, better, at 1.87%. So, this is falling.

What is in this 31062 crores?
Dept of Agriculture & Cooperation’s 22652 crores, Dept of Agriculture Research & Education’s 6144 crores and Dept of Animal Husbandy/Dairying/Fisheries’ 2266 crores.
Within DAC’s budget:

NMSA: 1512 crores;
Crop Insurance: 2540 crores (no farm income insurance despite what we heard from the Agriculture Minister on the day he assumed charge :-(();
Price Stabilisation Fund for cereals and vegetables at 450 crores (remember something called Market Intervention Fund? old wine in new bottle?);
an Integrated SCheme on Agri Marketing at 720 crores;
RKVY at 9954 crores;
National project on organic farming: 16 crores.

The National Adaptation Fund that one heard being announced, at 100 crores is not under DAC, but under DARE! So, this is what the agri research guys will take, and it is unclear what farmers have in this, in terms of their adaptation.

Elsewhere, under MInistry of Chemicals and Fertilisers’ Dept of Fertilisers, the budget is 73100 crores – out of this, 12300 crores go as subsidy for imported fertilisers.

And in the Ministry of Rural Development’s budget, NRLM has been pegged at 2486 crores. And 33364 crores for NREGS and it is said that part of this might support agricultural activities.

So, this is what you have for 54.6% people of this country living off agriculture.

And, procurement of two grains under food schemes is getting challenged at the WTO; and there is much clamour by various “experts” to dismantle even this procurement.


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